This article is the seventh part of our self-learn series. Kindly proceed with Self-Learn Student Affairs once you’ve read through this article.Learning is a module available for Sqayy CMS users upon subscription. The learning module allows user to share files with staff and students. The concept behind learning module is similar to Google Drive. Staff will be able to upload files into staff portal, share the files with staff or students, and remove access to those files. Users may consider the learning module as an extension of Academic.

The learning module is also one of the easiest modules to master. It was introduced to meet the needs of lecturers where they can upload lecture notes and assignments. Staff would have to share the files to students first before students can download the files through their student portal. The usage of learning module reduces campus dependency on an Online Learning System (OLeS).

Please note that there are no settings or initial setups for learning module.

Daily Tasks

Daily tasks refers to processes that must be performed by relevant staff on a daily basis. Take note that the tasks in this article do not necessarily match the SOP of a campus.

User is responsible to manage folders, manage files and manage download access. Please note that students cannot share or unshare files. The list of tasks are like so:


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