This article is the eight part of our self-learn series. Kindly proceed with Self-Learn Library once you’ve read through this article.Student Affairs is a module available for Sqayy CMS users upon subscription. The student affairs module allows staff to keep track of visas and insurance. System will automatically send notifications to both staff and students if their visas/insurance are about to expire.

Students can also request for counselling through student portal. Counsellors can record their log data and the system helps them to keep track of follow up dates. Besides that, staff can record student disciplinary record. The records can be viewed in student portal. Parents who have access to student portal can view the record.

The activities feature allows staff to keep track of non-academic details such as clubs, society, sports, language spoken, past work experience and more.

Daily Tasks

Daily tasks refers to processes that must be performed by relevant staff on a daily basis. Take note that the tasks in this article do not necessarily match the SOP of a campus.

User is responsible to record student non-academic achievements, manage counselling, record student visa, record student insurance and update disciplinary records.

  • Record non-academic achievements – User can record student’s extracurricular activities. User can also keep track of other details using this feature such as language spoken and more.
  • Manage counselling request – User can manage counselling request. Students have the option to make counselling request through student portal.
  • Manage counselling – User can enter counselling session log record and keep track of follow-up dates.
  • Record student visa – User can enter visa record of international students. System will notify both staff and students through their portals if the visa is about to expire.
  • Record student insurance – User can enter insurance record of students. System will notify both staff and students through their portals if the insurance is about to expire.
  • Update disciplinary record – User can record violations committed by students. The record can be viewed through student portal.

Initial Setups Checklist

As an integrated system, user needs to perform initial setups that are not in Settings > Student Affairs before marketing module can be rolled out. Refer to the table below for the initial setups that must be completed in the correct sequence before user can proceed with using student affairs module.

Directory Feature To Do Checkbox
Settings > Academic Faculty
  • Create faculties
Settings > General System Preference
  • All fields are updated
Organization Information
  • All fields are updated
  • All items are updated
  • All fields are updated
Access Level
  • Add new access level
  • Tick relevant features in the access level
  • Save access level
  • Add new staff
  • Note that password is IC No/Passport
Settings > Student Affairs General
  • Add document types
Activity Type
  • Update all fields
  • Add course group
Student Roles
  • Add course type
Insurance Type
  • Add course status
Insurance Provider
  • Add grading scheme
Discipline Category
  • Add assessment type
Counselling Type
  • Add academic status
Counselling Mode
  • Add academic status rules
Counselling Status
  • Add attendance type

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