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Online Application (OA) is a module/portal available for Sqayy Campus Management System (CMS) users upon subscription. Like staff portal and student portal, users subscribed to Online Application will also receive an OA training portal.

The Online Application module makes it easier for a campus to recruit students. Applicants would upload their own photo and required documents. Staff would no longer have to collect these documents.

Applicants can also download offer letters and other relevant forms from the Online Application portal.

If an applicant is rejected, they can log in the online application portal using the same account to apply for future registrations.

Please read the article Online Application Guide for Applicants for your reference.

Initial Setups Checklist

As an integrated system, user needs to perform initial setups that are not in Settings > Admissions before Online Application portal can be launched. Refer to the table below for the initial setups that must be completed in the correct sequence before user can proceed with using the Online Application module.

Directory Feature To Do Checkbox
Settings > Academic Faculty
  • Create faculties
Settings > General System Preference
  • All fields are updated
Organization Information
  • All fields are updated
  • All items are updated
  • All fields are updated
Access Level
  • Add new access level
  • Tick relevant features in the access level
  • Save access level
  • Add new staff
  • Note that password is IC No/Passport
Settings > Admission Document Types
  • Add document types
Settings > Academic Courses
Study Plan
Settings > Admission Online Application
  • Update all fields
Auto Reply Templates
  • Add auto reply templates
Letter Templates
  • Add letter templates
Student ID
  • Update student id format
Application Form
  • Hide fields for application form in staff portal (Staff Application)
  • Mandatorize fields for application form in staff portal (Staff Application)
  • Hide fields for online application form (Online Application)
  • Mandatorize fields for online application form (Online Application)
Education Level
  • Add new education level if necessary
  • Update education level if necessary
  • Add subjects to the education level if necessary
Admissions Intakes
Academic Sessions
  • Add academic session

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