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Admission and Record   The act of processing all foreign and domestic undergraduate applications for admission and readmission and maintaining academic records.
Academic Session The time during which a school holds classes; “they had to shorten the school term” academic term, school term, session, academic year, semester, school year – the period of time each year when the school is open and people are studying.
Activate Student The action of to change the student status from ‘New’ to ‘Active’. This action used for new enrolled student.
Access Level A term used to categorize users’ authority according to their degree of accessibility to the features in Barracuda.
Access Group A group made up of individuals who share the same access level and is categorized by modules (Admission & Records, Finance, Student Affairs, etc).
Advanced Search Search function with filters.
Action A column that usually contains icons for users to click and access a function.
Agent name  The name of marketing agents.
Applicants Future students who have submitted an application form to study in the institution.
Application Source Source of application.
Academic Background  Refers to all education undergone by an individual.
Account Code Also known as Chart of Account, it is a listing of all accounts used in the general ledger of an organisation. The chart of account/account code is used by the accounting software to aggregate information into an entity’s financial statements.
Ageing (summary) A periodic report that categorizes a company’s accounts receivable according to the length of time an invoice has been outstanding. It is used as a gauge to determine the financial health of a company’s customers.
Approved Refund Refunds that have been approved.
Agent Category Category of recruitment agents.
Academic  Relating to education and scholarship.
Attendance This function is to setup max day threshold for attendance entry date and to block barred subject status from being auto update.
Attendance Type This is function is to setup the types of attendance in your college or university.
Attendance Warning This function is to setup attendance warning.
Attendance By Group Displays attendance by group.
Attendance Detail Detail for student attendance.
Assessment Type  The types of assessment for example Quiz, Final examination, presentation, etc.
Assessment Group A set of assessment types for the assessment of a subject.
Academic Status  A term used to indicate the academic performance of students based on GPA and CGPA set  in Academic Status Rules. For example, if a student obtained a CGPA ranging from 2.0 to 3.5, his Academic Status shown in his result would be SATISFACTORY. Users can configure the CGPA range and customize the terms in Settings > Academic > Academic Status Rules.
Academic Status Rules A feature where user can customize Academic Status based on the range of GPA and CGPA.
Academic Calendar A portion of an academic year, the time during which an educational institution holds classes.
Ageing The process of investigating a company’s accounts receivable according  to how long individual invoices have been outstanding. Analysts can use aging to identify bad debt and /or problems with the company’s credit policy.
Alumni A graduate or former student
Alumni Member List List of a graduate or former student.
Access Group List Shows the list of access group.
Add Ref Data Adds referential items.
Attendance view Displays attendance.
Assign Room  Assigns the rooms used for classes.
Auto-Generate Offer Letter A slider to generate offer letters automatically.
Bulk Update Status  Updates multiple students’ status.
Bad Debt Status  Status set for bad debts.
Borrowed / Overdue / Renew / Returned / Reserved Items Items that have been listed for borrowed, overdue, renew, returned or reserved.
Campus The land on which a college or university and related institutional buildings are situated.
Campus settings Settings that allows users to customize information regarding campuses. Some of the features in this settings allows users to add their institution logo, address, phone number and etc.
Completed A label used for students who have completed their academic term.
Contact Info Displays a student’s contact number.
Commission A fee for services rendered based on a percentage of an amount received or collected or agreed to be paid (as distinguished from a salary)
CGPA    The average of grade points for all semester and courses completed up to a given academic term
Company List    List of companies registered in the system.
Config Configuration.
Cumulative Increasing or increased in something.
Collection Total money accumulated.
Campus List List of college or universities under the same corporation.
Cumulative Revenue Display filled-line chart for invoice vs collection.
Credit Exemption An option available for eligible students to be excused form attending a unit or subject.
Credit Exempted  The student is excused from attending a unit or subject.
Credit Transferred  Credit earned for successful performance in a course at another institution that meets Dartmouth’s transfer credit rules and may be applied towards the Dartmouth degree.
Change Academic Status  The feature to change a student’s academic status.
Change Program (Course)  The feature to change a student’s program (course).
Change Semester  The feature to change a student’s semester.
Change Date The feature to change assigned dates for classes.
Change Room The feature to change room used for classes.
Chart of Accounts (COA) A financial organizational tool that provides a complete listing of every account in an accounting system. An account is a unique record for each type of asset, liability, equity, revenue and expense.

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