System admin in Sqayy Campus Management System is a staff assigned by customers to oversee the onsite implementation and maintenance of Sqayy. 

It doesn’t matter if your system admin has a background in IT; a good system admin is a dedicated staff who understands the overall process of your campus.

Choosing system admins based on digital literacy alone instead of extensive campus knowledge will be a source of major setback that contributes to failure in implementing Sqayy.

We strongly advise our customers to appoint more than one system admin per campus. It’s not a good idea to have an entire project handled by a single employee. Having multiple system admins will prevent continuity issues.

Some campus operations suffered greatly because their only system admin is no longer available to maintain the system.

A system admin must also be empowered by management so they can have the authority to supersede misguided traditions practised by senior and junior staff in order to align existing workflows to the flow coded in the system.

Change in any organisation is easier if the employee responsible to bring the change is given some degree of authority. This is the reason why organisations with management playing the role of system admins enjoy greater success with Sqayy.

The table below shows the recommended job description of a system admin:

Job Title Head System Admin
Department CMS Department
Experience At least 5 years of working experience in the higher education industry
Worked in at least two different departments
Profile Adequate mastery of the English language
Willingness to learn new things
High interpersonal skills
Extensive knowledge of campus operations
Good understanding of accreditation affairs
Oversee Sqayy’s progress in meeting targets set by management
Transferring system admin knowledge to all employees
The go-to person for all things related to Sqayy


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