Visiting parents and outsiders in the area adjacent to your Hostel often want to stay for a visit to meet their family and friends who study at your institution. If your campus is located downtown in the city or near hills or a beach, strollers want a place to stay close to convenience like a laundry, restaurants and automatic teller machines.

During semester break, your hostel will be empty when students return to their hometowns. The space left vacant is an opportunity to generate cash. Don’t let it go to waste. Empower your staff to allow booking by outsiders.

From the staff portal, approve of applications to stay. With our hostel module, we have useful features such as group-check in which allows tourists who come in a group to be checked-in together and put into beds and rooms adjacent to one another.

Your Hostel now works like a hotel, you can set payment to be collected upon check-in or booking. Manage smart, increase cash in your wallet.




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