Students complain they don’t have a voice. Broken chairs and tables in the library. Air-conditioner not cold enough? With Maintenance module, students submit a complaint through their student portal and staff will immediately see it in their staff portal.

No warden needs to forward a written complaint to Administrative staff and then record the complaint in an Excel file. The concept is a database not rows and columns of information. Organised information flows quickly straight to the staff and even top management as top management will see in Sqayy all complaints. Just turn on access level for Maintenance module.

More practically, life threatening breakdowns such as a leaking roof or broken window with shattered glass can be taken care of immediately. This will reduce accidents in the workplace. Comply with Department of Health and Safety Standards and do more than required by doing preventive maintenance. With information flowing quickly and straight to the top management, cut through the bureaucratic maze and be the safest campus around.




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