Generate Letter Template This function is to generate a letter by choosing from the template list or new template
General A section under Settings. Items listed under General are not specialised to other modules but with widespread effects.
Graduated An adjective used to label students who have received their academic transcript.
Grading Scheme A grading scheme is a set of criteria that measures varying levels of achievement in a course. Students are graded based upon the grading scheme.Without a grading scheme, students’ marks and scores are not measured against any specific standard. Grading scheme may be different every semester. It all depends on the university in determining the level of student achievements in a particular course. For instance, for last semester, marks of 80 is consider as grade A, but in new intake semester, university may change it to grade B.
Group Billing   Group billing is provided to allow user to bill the student by batch/bulk. In CMS, two options were provided in Group Billing which are Group Billing by Fee Group and Group Manual Billing.
Group Billing (Billing Type) A type of billing method  found in Group Billing.  This method automatically generates items for billing based on Fee Group.
Group Billing Manual A type of billing method  found in Group Billing.  This method requires users to manually enter items for billing.
Group Receipt Group Receipt feature is provided to allow user to manage or upload the payment received by batch/bulk. It is basically used to record the payment of student who received sponsorship or scholarship from PTPTN, MARA, JPA and many more. Usually, sponsorship such as PTPTN will provide the mandate file to the institution and institution must convert the list to the Group Receipt template in order to upload it in the system.
Generate Student Transcript Feature to generate transcript.
Generate Letter Feature to generate letters.
History Log  A record of login history.
Hostel  Refers to student resident provided by the university or college.
Hostel Search Feature to find hostels.
Hostel Information  Gives information about hostels.
Information Source The selectable options that would appear in the field “How do you know about us?” from Online Application Form, Online Enquiry Form, Marketing > Applications > Update and Admission > Applications > Update.
Intake The number of people that are accepted at a particular time by an organization, especially a college or university:
Invoice Reminder An invoice reminder sent by the system to students in student portal when the student’s outstanding exceeded the maximum amount set by the user.
Import Data  Feature to import prospect data.
Idle Prospect List of prospects that has not been followed up by agents.
Industrial Training This function is to record students undergoing practical training and the company that employs them.
ISBN The International Standard Book Number is a unique numeric commercial book identifier. An ISBN is assigned to each edition and variation of a book.
Inactive A status for students absent for a semester.

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