A grading scheme is a set of criteria that measures varying levels of achievement in a course. Students are graded based upon the grading scheme. Without a grading scheme, students’ marks and scores are not measured against any specific standard. Grading scheme may be different every semester. It all depends on the university in determining the level of student achievements in a particular course. For instance, for last semester, marks of 80 is considered as grade A, but in new intake semester, university may change it to grade B.

Manage Grading Revision

  1. Find Settings on Navigation Bar located on the left side of the screen > Navigate to Academic
  2. Click Grading
  3. Click Manage Revision icon in Action column
  4. To add new grading revision, click on Add New button
  5. In Copy From field, user can directly select any revision to copy from
  6. Set Status slider to Active, if any
  7. In Course Status field, user select the course status; failed or pass etc
  8. In Mark field, user enter mark range from minimum marks to maximum marks
  9. In Grade field, user select the grade
  10. In Grade Point field, user enter grade point
  11. Set Pass slider to Yes, if any
  12. Set the Supplementary slider to Yes, if any
  13. Click Add More to add more grading revision, if any
  14. After all field for new revision are filled, click Save

14.  To view grading revision, click on Manage Revision button in Action column

User can update the grading revision by clicking on Update to set its status to Active. If a revision is obsolete, set it to Inactive. Only one revision can be set to Primary at any given time.




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