Image 1: Student Portal View As Staff

Subscribing to Sqayy CMS will provide user with four portals which are staff portal, student portal, staff portal (training) and student portal (training). From staff side, system requires staff to:

  1. Identify the correct student portal URL – Make sure the link is correct before sharing the web address with students.
  2. Configure which feature to be made available through student portal – Decide which features will be given. This is based on your policy.
  3. Restrict student login based on student status – Some campus would not want Graduated students to be able to log in student portal.
  4. Create credentials for students so they can log in student portal – Credentials must be created first so students can log in the portal. Default username is student email address while default password is their IC.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Staff can access a student’s student portal through staff portal
  2. Put the login instructions on the background wallpaper of your student portal. Refer the picture below:

Image 2: Student Portal Login Page

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