User can add, update and delete the list of campuses. The campus settings allows user to manage students in different campuses using a single system.

Add New Campus

  1. Find Settings on Navigation Bar located on the left side of the screen > Navigate to General
  2. Under General, click Campus > Click the Add New
  3. In the Code field, enter the campus code. The campus code for each campus must be unique
  4. Example: CAM001 for the first campus and CAM002 for the second campus
  5. In the Campus name field, enter the campus name
  6. In the Student No Prefix, enter the student number prefix
  7. Click the Save

Update Campus

  1. Click the Update
  2. Update the required fields
  3. Click the Save

Delete Campus

  1. Click the Delete
  2. On delete confirmation prompt, click Delete




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