Sqayy allows staff to apply on behalf of both applicants and prospects from staff portal. This may be done if applicants do not have access to Online Application (OA) portal or Online Application is not subscribed.

Marketing staff can apply for students by click in Register OA or Register Application in Profile > Marketing > Prospect.

Please note that prospects cannot submit an application form if they are currently Active students. Staff also cannot submit an application form for existing prospects through Admission > Applications.

An application form contains several tabs which are:

  1. Personal – applicant or staff key in personal information. Fields in this tabs can be configured in Settings > Admission > Application Form
  2. Past Education – fill in academic background
  3. Contacts – fill in parents/guardian details
  4. Programs – select programsintake, study mode and campus
  5. Documents – upload supporting documents
  6. Upload Photo – upload photo of applicant
  7. Review & Submit – review the application form before submission. User can click on tabs to revise information. Once submit is clicked, applicants cannot update the application form




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