Prospect is a potential student who might be interested to enroll in a higher educational institution. Prospects may take part in various marketing activities held by higher educational institutions such as campus tours, roadshows or educational programs before enrolling. Prospects may be kept in touch with marketing staff for follow-ups, scholarship information, study cost, confirming registration and other enquiries.

Prospect profile  contains a prospect’s information. Staff needs to create a prospect profile first before staff can perform marketing activities through the system. Staff can create prospect profile one-by-one using prospect form or create multiple prospect profiles at once using Import Prospect feature. Prospect profile is also created when an applicant logs in Online Application portal.

Please note that once a prospect has been created, user cannot create another prospect profile for the same prospect if the prospect is currently an Active student in the system.

How It Works

  1. Find Marketing on Navigation Bar located on the left side of the screen
  2. Click Prospect > click Add New
  3. For section Personal Information
    1. Set International slider to Yes, if any and No, if not
    2. In the ID Type field, select type of identification certificate
    3. In the ID No field, enter prospect’s ID number
    4. In the Name field, enter the prospect’s name
    5. In the Gender field, select prospect’s gender
    6. In the Email field, enter prospect’s email
    7. In the Phone field, enter prospect’s phone number
    8. In the Nationality field, select prospect’s nationality
    9. In the Religion field, select prospect’s religion
  4. For section Address
    1. In the Address Line 1 and Address Line 2 fields, enter prospect’s address
    2. In the City field, enter prospect’s city
    3. In the Country field, select prospect’s country
    4. In the State field, select prospect’s state
    5. In the Postcode field, enter prospect’s postcode
  5. For section Programs
    1. In the Intake field, select prospect’s intake year and session
    2. In the Campus field, select prospect’s campus
    3. In the Study Mode field, select prospect’s study mode
  6. For section Recruited By
    1. In the Marketing Source field, select prospect’s marketing source
    2. In the Student Get Student field, enter student’s name
  7. For section Others
    1. In the Last Institution field, select prospect’s previous institution
    2. In the Highest Education Level, select prospect’s highest education level
    3. In the Year Taken field, enter the year when prospect took his/her highest education level
    4. In the Remarks field, enter any remarks
  8. Click Save




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