Click Marketing Import Prospect to access Import Prospects page. Data from Import Prospects page will be added into the list of prospects. Import Prospect feature is provided in order to help users insert the prospect information into the system by group. It is also helps users to gather prospect information in the absence of internet connection.

Upload Data

  1. Click Download .xls Template/Sample File
  2. Fill in the template
  3. Drag or click file to upload
  4. Click Process File
  5. Set Education Level (optional)
  6. Set Last Institution (optional)
  7. Set Columns to Import (optional)
  8. Set Marketing Staff (optional)
  9. Click Proceed

Do not delete the fields in Row 1. Mandatory fields that must be filled are ID NO, IDENTIFICATION TYPE, NAME, EMAIL and PHONE. Prospect details must follow the format shown in Rows 2 to 9 and should be deleted before uploading the file.




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