Students can add and drop subjects through student portal after semester registration has been performed either by staff or student. This article will explain the setups that must be made before rolling out the feature.

Initial Setups

Directory Feature To Do Checklist
Settings > Academic General
  • Enter max credit hour in field Add Drop Session (Max Credit Hour).

This setting will block students from exceeding max credit hour

Admission Academic Session
  • Enter date range in field Registration Session
  • Enter date range in field Subject Add Drop Session

Students will not be able to access Add Drop Subject feature if the date is not in range and the student is not registered to the correct semester

Academic Offered Course
  • Offer courses for the academic session
  • Create classes for the course
  • Enter student quota in field Total Student

Students can go ahead and select a section/class once they’ve added courses. If a section’s quota is filled, students have to select another section for the course

Settings > Student Portal General
  • Update all fields
Access Level
  • Turn on the add drop subject feature in student portal access level




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