Image 1: Student Portal Exam Slip View

Exam slip is a document that students must show before they can enter an examination hall. Sqayy’s exam slip contains many information such as exam schedule and exam reminder. The settings ‘Exam Slip’ enables user to customise exam slip. Students can print exam slips through student portal.

Manage Exam Slip

  1. Find Settings on Navigation Bar located on the left side of the screen > Navigate to Exam
  2. Under Exam, click Exam Slip > click Update
  3. Set Show Exam Slip Header slider to On if you want to display exam slip header
  4. Set Show Exam Index No slider to On if you want to display exam index number
  5. Set Publish Exam Slip slider to On if you want to allow the publishing of exam slips through student portal
  6. Click Save

Image 2: Exam Slip Settings Page




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