Image 1: General Finance Flow

Finance general settings is where user can configure:

  1. Transaction Approval
  2. Rounding Adjustment
  3. Invoice Due Duration
  4. Student Portal show CN and DN
  5. Tuition fee amount per credit (RM)
  6. Charge by credit hour
  7. Minimum Ageing Days
  8. Currency Symbol
  9. Knock Off By
  10. Auto-Knock Off Overpayment
  11. Subject Charge
  12. Subject Charge By
  13. Generate Bill Upon Activation/Semester Registration By
  14. Barring By Chart of Account
  15. Barring Outstanding Amount (RM)
  16. Generate Bill During Add/Drop

How It Works

  1. Find Settings on Navigation Bar located on the left side of the screen > Navigate to Finance
  2. Under Finance, click General > click Update
  3. Set Transaction Approval slider to Yes, if you want to enable transaction approval feature
  4. Set Rounding Adjustment to Yes if you want to enable automatic rounding
  5. In Invoice Due Duration field, enter the invoice due duration (days)
  6. In Account Statement Footer Note field, enter account statement footer note (max 225 characters including space)
  7. In Student Portal show CN and DN field, enter 1 to allow students to view CN and DN in student portal
  8. In Tuition fee amount per credit (RM) enter the amount to charge student tuition fee by amount per credit
  9. Set Charge by credit hour to Yes if you want to charge students by credit hour
  10. In field Minimum Ageing Days field, set the minimum ageing days for bad debt
  11. In Currency Symbol field, enter currency such as RM, $ or ¥ that will appear in finance documents
  12. In Knock Off By field, select FIFO or Chart of Account. If FIFO is selected, user will not be able to select an account code for overpayment.
  13. Set Auto-Knock Off Overpayment slider to Yes if you want system to auto knockoff bills from existing overpayment amount
  14. Set Subject Charge to Yes to charge by course. The account code will be Tuition Fee and student will see the course price description in their ledger
  15. In Subject Charge By field, select course price charge by subjects or by credit hour
  16. In Generate Bill Upon Activation/Semester Registration By field, select Fee Structure, Course or Credit Hour. If Fee Structure is selected, system will not issue course price fees. If Course is selected, system will issue course price fees by courses. If Credit Hour is selected, system will generate course price bill by credit hour
  17. In field Barring by Chart of Account, select the account code used for barring
  18. In Barring Outstanding Amount (RM) enter the minimum outstanding amount for the selected account code. Sponsored students have different minimum outstanding amount
  19. In Generate Bill During Add/Drop select Date or Upon Acknowledgement. If Upon Acknowledgement is selected, system will issue course fees the moment students acknowledge that the list of subjects after add drop session is valid. This is done during Add Drop Acknowledgement Session. If Date is selected, system will issue course fees on the date that staff has set in Academic Session Billing Date
  20. Click Save




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