Click Admissions > Intakes to access Intakes page. This is also where user can manage intake registration days.

Add Intake

  1. Go to Admission on navigation bar and click Intakes
  2. Click Add New
  3. In the Intake field, enter the year of the intake
  4. In the field next to Intake, enter the month of the intake
  5. In the Student No Prefix field, enter the student no prefix
  6. In the Program field, enter the program(s) available for the intake
  7. In the Description field, enter the description of the intake
  8. In the Online Application Session field, set the date range of the Online Application Session
  9. In the Offer Reply Last Date field, enter that final date for the system to generate offer replies
  10. Set the Status slider to Active
  11. Click Save

Update Intake

  1. Click Update
  2. Update the required fields
  3. Click Save

When clicking Update, a field called Student ID Running No will appear in the Update Intake page. This field indicates the number of Student IDs generated for that intake.

Delete Intake

  1. Click Delete
  2. On delete confirmation prompt, click Delete




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