Image 1: Email Received for The Student Registered O365

Sqayy makes it possible for your campus to automatically generate a Microsoft account for students the moment they are registered. Your IT staff would no longer have to create access to Microsoft Office 365 manually for each individual student. Staff would also automatically get an O365 account the moment they are added as new staff.

Both staff and students will receive email notification to inform them that a Microsoft O365 account has been created. They will also obtain their username and password from the email.

How It Works

  1. Go to Settings on navigation bar
  2. Under General, click Office 365
  3. Click Update
  4. Set Auto Create slider to Yes to enable automatic creation of office 365 account upon student registration
  5. In field Office 365 Admin field, enter the admin email
  6. In field Office 365 Password field, enter admin password
  7. In field Staff License, enter the Microsoft license
  8. In field Student License, enter Microsoft license
  9. In field Email Staff Domain, enter staff email domain
  10. In field Email Student Domain, enter student email domain
  11. Click Save

Image 2: Office 365 Settings Page




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