Under Admissions, click Interview SchedulesThis feature allows user to set an interview schedule as some programs require interview sessions as part of the application process.

The interview schedule is displayed in Online Application Portal.

Add Interview Schedule

  1. Click Add New
  2. In the Campus field, select campus
  3. In the Intake field, select intake
  4. In the Program field, select program
  5. In the Date field, enter date
  6. In the Time field, enter the interview’s time range
  7. In the Quota field, enter the maximum number of interviewees
  8. In the Subject field, enter the subject of the interview
  9. In the Additional Note field, enter remarks
  10. Click Save

Update Interview Schedule

  1. Click Update
  2. Update the required fields
  3. Click Save

Delete Interview Schedule

  1. Click Delete
  2. On delete confirmation prompt, click Delete




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