Image 1: Finance Fines Settings Page

Sqayy CMS allows each department in a campus to issue their own fines without asking finance department to manually bill students using the system. Before issuing fines, below are the initial setups that must be performed where user must first add the account code to be used for fines and configure fines settings for each department.

Add Account Code for Fines

  1. Go to Settings on navigation bar
  2. Under Finance, click Chart of Accounts
  3. Click Add New
  4. Fill in the necessary fields
  5. Click Save

Image 2: Add New Chart of Account Page

Configure Fines Settings

  1. Click Fines
  2. Click Add New
  3. In field Module, select the module
  4. In Chart of Account, select the account code you’ve created for fines
  5. In field amount, enter the fine amount
  6. Set Allow User to Change Amount to Yes if you want staff to have the ability to change the amount of fine to be issued
  7. Set status slider to Active
  8. Click Save

Image 3: Add New Fine Page




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