Online Application settings is where user can configure the online application.

Manage Online Application

  1. Find Settings on Navigation Bar located on the left side of the screen > Navigate to Admissions
  2. Under Admissions, click Online Application > click Update
  3. In the Validity Period of Application field, enter the Validity Period of Application
  4. In the Number of Program Choice field, enter the Number of Program Choice
  5. Set Program Eligibility Verification slider to Yes if you want to enable auto-checking for a program’s minimum requirement
  6. Set Email Verification slider to Yes if you want system to send verification link when applicant registers an online application account
  7. Set Auto-Send Offer Letter slider to Yes if you want system to auto-send offer letter through online application portal
  8. Set Online Application Registration slider to Yes to enable online application module
  9. Click Save




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