Sqayy CMS allows user to enable automatic generation of penalty fees. The penalty fees are generated when students do not pay their bills on time as set in invoice due duration. The penalty fee increases student outstanding amount but an invoice for penalty fees will not be generated until a payment for the penalty has been recorded.

The penalty amount for each invoice can be seen by staff in the  collection screen in column ‘Penalty.’ Please note that if partial payment is recorded, the amount of the payment will always be made for the original amount of the invoice.

The steps below is how user can set up auto generation of penalties by Sqayy. User must add an account code, map the account code and configure penalty settings.

Add Account Code for Penalty

  1. Go to Settings on navigation bar
  2. Under Finance, click Chart of Accounts
  3. Click Add New
  4. Fill in the necessary fields
  5. Click Save

Map the Account Code

The account code that users enter in the field ‘Penalty Account Code’ is used by the system for issuing penalty invoice.

  1. Go to Mapping
  2. Click Update
  3. In field Penalty Account Code, select the account code you’ve created for penalties
  4. Click Save

Configure Penalty Settings

  1. Click Penalties
  2. Click Update
  3. Set Change Penalty on Overdue Invoices to Yes if you want to allow staff to change the amount of penalty in collection screen
  4. In field Penalty Charge By. select Percentage or Fixed Amount
  5. If Percentage is selected, system will issue penalty fines based on original amount of the invoice. The percentage value is set in field Penalty Charges
  6. If Fixed Amount is selected, system will issue penalty fines based on fixed amount set in Penalty Charges
  7. In field Penalty Charges, enter penalty charges by percentage or amount
  8. In field Frequency ( No of Days), enter how frequent the system should issue the penalty charges




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