Finance staff can record student refund in the system using Refund feature. The refund amount will be deducted from student overpayment or paid deposits recorded in the system.

Request for Student Refund

  1. Find student in advanced search on top of screen by entering either their full name, student number or IC number/ passport
  2. Navigate to Finance> Click Ledger
  3. In Ledger page, click Refund button. System will navigate user to Refund page and user required to fill the mandatory fields
  4. In Refund Amount field, enter student refund amount
  5. Click Submit For Approval
  6. After click submit, the record is successfully added and waiting for staff approval

Approve and Reject Student Refund

This feature can be enabled or disabled in Finance > General > Transaction Approval. The list of transaction approver (staff who can approve transactions) can be managed in Settings > Approver.

  1. Find Finance on Navigation Bar located on the left side of the screen > Navigate to Refund
  2. Under Refund, click Approve > click Approve or Reject
  3. If user click Reject, the refund will be cancel
  4. If user click Approve, proceed by clicking Process button to create new refund

Create New Refund

  1. In Payment Method field, select type of payment
  2. In Remarks field, enter any note
  3. Click Save
  4. Student refund status will changed to Processed



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