If generate student ID is set to Yes during new student registration, system will automatically generate student id based on format and prefix. The numbers and alphabets displayed in student ID indicates a student’s facultyprogramintake and campus.

This article explains how user can configure student ID format.

Update Student ID

  1. User have the option to manage student ID shown on Settings > Navigate to Admissions
  2. Click Student ID
  3. Click Update
  4. If Reset Running Number is set to On, user can reset running number of student ID by intake or year
  5. Running Number Length is where user can configure maximum running number digit. If set to 4, the running number will be ‘0001’
  6. In field Student ID Format, user needs to drag placeholders such as campus prefix, faculty prefix, program prefix, intake prefix and running number from the field Placeholder. If there are not placeholders placed in the format, system will not generate student ID
  7. Click Save

Based on the Student ID Format displayed in the picture, a new student with the following detail…

1. Intake 2018/01 with prefix 1801

2. Faculty of Hospitality with prefix 01

3. Diploma in Hotel Management with prefix DHM

4. KL Campus with prefix KL

5. Third student registered by staff

…will have the student id KL01DHM18010003

Campus Prefix

This can be configured in Settings > General > Campus > Update > Student No Prefix.

Faculty Prefix

This can be configured in Settings > Academic > Faculty > Update > Student ID Prefix.

Program Prefix

This can be configured in Settings > Academic > Program > Update > Student No Prefix.

Intake Prefix

This can be configured in Admissions > Intakes > Update.




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