Image 1: Transaction Type Settings Page

Transaction type is the setting where user can configure finance document prefix, allow backdated finance documents, enable email notification for each transaction made, display finance document footer note, display header, display signature, display watermark and allow student to print the finance document through student portal.

How It Works

  1. Go to Settings on navigation bar
  2. Click Transaction Type
  3. In column Pre-Fix, set the prefix for finance documents
  4. In column Backdated, set to yes to allow backdated transactions
  5. In column Email Notification, set to yes to automatically send email notifications upon transactions made
  6. In column Footer Note, enter footer note. If user don’t want footer notes, leave it empty
  7. In column Header, set to yes to display header
  8. In column Signature, set to yes to display signature field
  9. In column Watermark, set to yes to display watermark which is the campus logo
  10. In column Allow Student to Print, set to yes to allow students to print finance documents through student portal




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