Once exam results are submitted, staff can publish the results. Results are viewable by students in student portal if they are not barred by the system. Published results can be unpublished.

Since students are able to view and print exam results through staff portal, staff would no longer need to print exam results for students.

Publish Exam Result

  1. Find Exam on Navigation Bar located on the left side of the screen
  2. Under Exam, click Exam Result
  3. In the Faculty field, select faculty
  4. In the Program field, select program
  5. In the Academic Session field, select academic session
  6. In the Semester field, select semester
  7. In the Student Status field, enter the Student Status
  8. In the Senate Date field, enter the Senate Date
  9. In the Dean List field, select dean list
  10. In the Result Status field, select result status
  11. Click Search




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