Image 1:- Staff Portal > Student Profile > Alumni

User can keep track of alumni employment.

How It Works

  1. Find a student on the search bar located on the top side of the screen
  2. Click Alumni on the secondary navigation bar
  3. Click Career
  4. Click Add New
  5. In field Industry Category, select industry category
  6. In field Company Name, enter company name
  7. In field Address Line 1, address line 1
  8. In field Address Line 2, enter address line 2
  9. In field Address Line 3, enter address line 3
  10. In field Postcode, enter postcode
  11. In field City, enter city
  12. In field Country. select country
  13. In field State, select state
  14. In field Phone No, enter phone no of the company
  15. In field Date Employment, enter date of employment
  16. In field Date Resign, enter resignation
  17. In field Current Position, enter current position
  18. In field Salary, enter salary
  19. In field Description, enter description
  20. Click Save


Image 2:- Alumni Screen



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