Each course have its own assessment. Examples of assessment are quiz, final exam, presentation, portfolio and etc. Types of assessment can be configure in Assessment Type.

Please note that a course can have multiple versions of assessment. For example, intake 2017/01 is using the first assessment version for Course A. Then for intake 2017/02, Course A starts to use a different assessment. User don’t need to delete the previous assessment used by intake 2017/01 as the students are still using it. What user needs to do is set the old course assessment to inactive.

Active course assessment is used for upcoming intakes. By right, there can only be one active course assessment per course.

How It Works

    1. Find Settings on Navigation Bar located on the left side of the screen > Navigate to Academic
    2. Click Course 
    3. Click on Assessment in Action column
    4. System will navigate user to Assessment page
    5. Click Add New to set new assessment
    6. Fill all the required fields
    7. In Copy From field, select any course to copy assessment from
    8. In Assessment field, enter assessment name
    9. In Assessment Type field, enter type of assessment
    10. User click on Assignment to set course assignment
    11. In Weightage field, enter assessment marks weightage. Weightage cannot exceed 100%
    12. Click Save




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