Agent commission refers to the commission that agents would obtain for recruiting students that have been registered by the campus or have paid their fees. The conditions where an agent is eligible to obtain commissions varies from university to university.

Sqayy helps management to keep track of agent commission by allowing users to generate Prospect List report. Before generating the relevant reports, users must complete the following setups:

  1. Create Agencies
  2. Create Agent Position
  3. Create Agents
  4. Make it compulsory for agents or marketing staff to fill up the field ‘Agent’ or ‘Marketing Staff’ when creating prospect profile

Once the setups are done, system will have the appropriate information to generate the information needed for management to keep track of agent commission.

The steps below shows how management can keep track of agent commission:

  1. Log in the system and click on Reports on the navigation bar
  2. Go to Marketing Prospect List
  3. In field Marketing Status, select Enrolled
  4. In field Agent, select an agent
  5. In Field to Appear, select the column ‘Recruited by (Agent)’ and other relevant columns that you want to display in the report
  6. Click Generate. The list of prospects that appears in the report were all recruited by the agent selected in field Agent
  7. Calculate the number of prospects in the report
  8. Go to Marketing > Agents > Update and look at the agent’s commission
  9. Calculate agent commission based on the number of prospects generated in the report

Attached in this article is the sample Prospect List report.




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