Sqayy helps your organisation to increase its overall operational productivity by integrating the information shared by all the departments in your organisation. This article also includes the work practice that should take place in your organisation.

Features Outcome Settings/Practice Article Ref
Ready MQA/ MoHE Reports
  • Help to gain higher ratings (myquest/setara)
  • Readily available
  • Staff generate MQA/MoHE Reports
Effortless MQA Audit (Malaysian Users)
Central Database & User Friendly System
  • Never worry for staff turnover or replacement
  • Readily available
  • Migrate Data to Sqayy
Integrated processes
  • Greatly improve inter-departmental efficiency
  • Readily available
  • Subscribe to all modules to get maximum benefit
Student Centered Learning
  • Personalized learning
  • Give access level for staff
  • Academic staff interact directly with students via system applications
How To Add, Update And Delete Access Level?
Improves inter-department communication
  • Connect multiple departments and campuses
  • Readily available
  • Mindset shift: funnel view change to eagle view of one’s role in organisation
Improves quality of instruction
  • Higher employ ability of students due learning of applied skills used in industry
  • Readily enjoyed once Sqayy in full use: reduced man-day spent in manual administrative tasks
No information loss due to staff turnover or hardware failure
  • Cost savings due to reduced man-day
  • Comprehensively upload data in Sqayy
  • Store data comprehensively and systematically in system
  • More time can be spent on teaching, researching rather than lower-order data entry administrative tasks
  • Cost savings
  • Readily available
  • Learn the system
Allowing the focus on strategic tasks
  • Higher profits
  • Readily enjoyed once Sqayy in full use: reduced manday spent in manual administrative tasks
  • Organise sharing session with management or email ideas in announcement
Covers all grounds
  • MQA/eIPTS Requirement Compliance
  • Make sure all the details keyed into the system fits with guidelines
  • Learn the system, learn the requirements and match with MQA/eIPTS
What is Code?
Clarity of operation
  • Consistent data across the board
  • Synchronized student numbers across all departments
  • Readily enjoyed once Sqayy in full use: reduced man-day spent in manual administrative tasks
  • Store data comprehensively and systematically in system
Elimination of people-dependent processes
  • Simplified task and work becomes efficient
  • Complete settings for all automated features
  • Maintain settings
New to Sqayy CMS
Change Staff behavior
  • No problem with auto attendance block as lecturers must key in attendance
  • Complete Academic General settings
Lecturer Discipline: Recording Attendance on Time




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