Sqayy helps management to ensure lecturers would key in attendance on time. Management can set how many days lecturers can access the feature to key in student attendances. If a lecturer didn’t record student attendances within a certain time range,  they will be blocked from entering the attendance. From there, management can keep track which lecturers did not perform their duties on time.

If lecturer discipline is not managed, the following effect will take place:

  • Auto calculation of student attendance percentage is delayed
  • System will not automatically generate attendance warning letters to students
  • Student rarely comes to class because there is no attendance warning from university
  • If students rarely come to class, the results of their exams will be severe and university being difficult to get recognition from rating agencies such as MyQuest

In order to avoid negative effects mentioned above, we strongly advise your lecturers to key in student attendance when classes are conducted.

Before lecturers can recorded student attendance, management needs to perform the following setups:

  • Create attendance type here
  • Create attendance warning here
  • Create class here
  • Assign students into the class here

Once the four steps are done, lecturer can easily key in student attendance.




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