Initial Setup

  1. Copy Account Codes and Account Codes Name/Description from Accounting Software and create as new in Sqayy.
  2. Create and maintain Fee Structure by Program based on the Account Codes copied.

Daily Transactions in Sqayy Finance Module

  1. Qayyum will automatically generate Student bills/invoice upon Activation of Student and Semester Registration according to Fee Structure per program
  2. Bills/invoice can be viewed by student at their Student Portal
  3. Finance Staff can manually Knock-off Bills for over-the-counter payment and the student will receive an email notification for payment made.

Setting Up Accounting System. Ready for “Integration”

  1. Transfer Transactions Details or Outstanding Amount into Qayyum Templates
  2. Choose one Cut-off Date for any transaction

Making Adjustment in Accounting System

  1. Print Summary Report from your Accounting Software as reference before making adjustment/CN
  2. Write off all balance in Account Receivable (AR) for Student OR Do CN/multiple CN for every bill/invoice. User need to zero balance the ledger.
  3. Create one Account Receivable (AR) for Student Revenue.
  4. In a situation of  managing student revenue by batch. User can create a Group Account (per batch) OR Create one (1) Account Receivable (AR)  for every batch OR In a situation of managing only one (1) Account Receivable (AR) for all student revenue, then user only need to create one Account Receivable (AR).
  5. Create Account Code. If user don’t have Account Code yet, then user need to create the Account Code based on Chart of Accounts OR If user already have Account Code. Then maintain the Account Code. Please make sure that the Account Code apply in Accounting Software is similar in Qayyum Finance Module
  6. By using the new Account Receivable (AR), user need to issue bill/invoice again according to balance for sales per account code. Then, the amount of sales (balance/outstanding) in both Qayyum Finance Module and Accounting Software are tally

Transfer Finance Data from Sqayy to Accounting System

  1. Get the transactions amount from Qayyum by generating the following reports:
    1. Transaction (by account code) Report
    2. Student Outstanding Report
    3. Collection Report
    4. Aging ( Summary)
    5. Student payment by program
    6. Student payment by date
    7. Student payment by list
    8. student collection
  2. These reports will provide the summary amount of sales and revenue for every account code used. User can also generate few other reports available in Qayyum
  3. Actions in Accounting Software for Student Revenue (per month/per week):
    1. Manually key in Transaction (per account code) into Accounting System OR can upload the summary amount of sales and revenue per account code into Accounting Software (if applicable)
    2. Invoice will knock-off according to the payment amount and both Qayyum Finance Module and Accounting Software are tally




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