When filling in the application form in staff portal or online application form, programs may not appear for the following reasons:

The Program Doesn’t Exist

User should go to Settings > Academic > Program and make sure the program is created.

The Program Wasn’t Offered for the Intake

Check to see if the program appears in the field ‘Program’ in Update Intake page.

The Program Wasn’t Offered for the Campus

A university or college may offer programs that are not available in all campuses. When filling in the application form from staff portal, the ‘Programs’ tab requires staff to fill in the field Intake, then Campus. If user select Campus A in the application form but Campus A in not selected in Settings > Academic > Program > Update > Campus, the program will not appear.

Applicants do not Meet the Minimum Requirement

If applicants are not qualified for the program, the program will not appear in application form and online application form.




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