With Sqayy, we’ve rebuilt Barracuda into something modern, better and fresher.

We’ve heard your requests over the decade and Sqayy is the result. This article gives you an overview of what we’ve been doing for the past three years. We are confident that the features highlighted here will make you smile.

Solid System Design

Sqayy has a much better interface that focuses on modernity and user-friendliness. This is a system designed to be the campus management system you deserve.

Microsoft Azure

  • Sqayy is hosted on Microsoft Azure, the best cloud server in the world
  • Security in Microsoft Azure is tight with over 3,500 security engineers monitoring hacking activities 24/7
  • Azure is scalable and expandable

Better Database Scheme

  • Modern framework
  • Introducing soft delete
  • Improve log record
  • Indexing – faster data searching

Friendlier than User Friendly

  • Works on any browser
  • 360 degree view of students
  • Customisable dashboard appearance
  • Comprehensible dashboard in mobile view
  • Screen size adjust automatically on all devices including tablets and smartphones
  • Familiar terms in the education industry are used in the system so users can understand the system better

Accessibility of Reports

  • All reports are available in a single place
  • Access level can be configured for reports
  • User can choose favorite reports and save filters

Global Search

  • A single search bar accessible in all pages

Easy System Administration

Customising Terms

Centralised Profile

  • Prospect, applicant and students share the same profile
  • Prospects and applicants can be billed
  • Staff can record payments of prospects and applicants

Complex Scenarios Made Easy

  • Ability to create multiple versions of study plan, grading schemes, fee structures, assessments and more
  • Allows campus to thrive despite changes in policies

Improvements by Feature

Listed below are some features that have been modified from Barracuda:

Section Module Barracuda Sqayy
Recruitment & Admissions Online Application One application form per ID No (IC/Passport No) An applicant can have more than one application attempts
Marketing No funnel management Funnel management
No leads management Hot & Cold tagging for leads
No email blasting Email blasting feature
One profile per prospect Multiple prospect profiles
One agent per prospect Multiple agents per prospect
Random prospect assignment Prospect assignment according to filters
Application form not available Application form accessible in marketing
Fixed Prospect Form Customisable Prospect Form
Admission Log view for student progress Timeline view for student progress
Fixed Application Form Customisable Application Form
Student details separated by modules Central overview of student information
Academic Session in Academic Module Academic Session in Admission Module
Bursary Management Finance Limited to one type of billing Students can be tied to a fee group and multiple instalments
Departments cannot issue fines All departments can issue fines
No penalties for late payment Auto charge for late payments
Cancelled transactions appear in main ledger Separate ledger for cancelled transactions
Cannot key in descriptions for automatically generated invoices Automatically generated bills have preset descriptions (configured by user)
Barring conditions in separate screens Barring conditions in a single screen
Fixed barring for all students Separate barring for sponsored students
Barring according to total outstanding Barring according to specific account codes
Limited options for payment methods Customisable payment methods
Knockoff overpayment and deposit in separate screens Knockoff by overpayment and deposit in payment screen
No payment by FIFO Payment by FIFO
Can’t bill or record payment unless a student profile is created Staff can bill or record payments for prospects, applicants and students
Academic Affairs Academic Mandatory filters to show classes Faster class search
Can’t filter faculties by campus Faculties offered by campus
One program per student Student can have multiple programs
Can’t offer short courses Ability to offer short courses
Marks entries in multiple screens A single place for mark entries
Fixed calculation of GPA Flexible calculation of GPA based on course status
Fixed study plan Flexible study plan
Fixed assessment Flexible assessment
Fixed grading scheme Flexible grading scheme
Manage offered courses and create classes in different screens Improved flow of managing offered courses and class creation
Fixed course status Flexible course status
Fixed Academic Status Rules Customisable Academic Status Rules for Undergraduate and Postgraduate
Not postgraduate friendly Suitable for postgraduate program
Can’t keep track student supervisor, examiner info and research title Able to track student supervisor, examiner info and research title
Can’t upload Thesis Submission Form, Mutual Acceptance Form and etc. Able to upload Thesis Submission Form, Mutual Acceptance Form and etc.
Can’t identify students by study mode Able to identify student by study mode such as Research, Mixed and Coursework
Learning Can’t submit assignments Students can submit assignments
Share files with students only Share files with staff and students
Can’t set files as favorite Able to set files as favorite
No integration with Microsoft Teams Integration Microsoft Teams
Timetable Auto checking of lecturer, time and venue clashing Additional checking for course (subject) clashing
Click slots to book classes Drag classes to available slots
Outdated interface Modern interface
Student Affairs Student Affairs No features for event management Event management feature to manage approvals
Student Services Hostel Check in and check out per student profile Bulk check in/check out
Outdated view for booking screen Calendar view for booking screen
No advanced booking Allows advanced booking
Check in and bookings limited to students Check in and bookings not limited to students
Occupants are managed in student profile Occupants are managed in resident profile
Library Can’t issue automatic fines System automatically fines patrons for late returns
Maintenance Available in hostel module New global maintenance separated from hostel
Vehicle Available in hostel module New global vehicle separated from hostel
Industrial Training, Alumni & Career Development Industrial Training Does not include a separate portal Comes with its own portal
Can’t manage student CV Able to manage student CV
Can’t apply for placements Able to apply for placements
No portal for companies Companies can hire and manage practical students
Alumni Does not include a portal Includes an alumni portal
Can’t track alumni’s academic info Able to track alumni’s academic info



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