Image 1: Student Profile Dashboard

Overview in Sqayy Profile shows quick details of the student, applicant or prospect for staff to view.  Overview is a useful one-stop reference of student details.

Here are the information staff can obtain from Overview:

  1. Registration Date – displays when the student was registered to enroll
  2. Expected End Date – displays the expected end date of enrollment
  3. Recruited By – shows who recruited the student
  4. Campus – shows the campus
  5. Document – shows whether student has any pending documents to upload
  6. Sponsor – shows student sponsor
  7. Over payment Amount – shows over payment amount
  8. Outstanding Balance – shows outstanding balance
  9. Payment Status – shows payment status
  10. Marketing Source – shows marketing source
  11. Potential Scholarship – shows student’s potential scholarship
  12. Other Contact No – shows student’s other contact no
  13. Fee Structure – shows student’s fee structure
  14. CGPA – shows student’s CGPA




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