Revision is a powerful feature introduced in Sqayy as the simplest way for the system to function effectively in complex situations. User might revise when something does not go as planned such as a sudden shortage of lecturers, changes in study fee due to taxation and other unplanned events.

Using this feature requires user to add a new revision. After that, they can activate and deactivate the revision by setting the Status sliders to Active and Inactive respectively.

Fee Structure Revision

The fee structure used by colleges are not the same as it was 5 or maybe 10 years ago. A fee structure is constantly updated. When a college introduces a new fee structure for upcoming registrations but the previous fee structure is still ongoing, the can set the latest fee structure to primary. Primary fee structure will be applied for upcoming students while existing fee structures will not be affected.

Study Plan Revision

A study plan used by colleges may change on a semesterly basis due to shortage of lecturers. Primary study plan will be used for upcoming students. Existing study plans used by students will not be affected unless staff ties the students to the latest study plan.

Grading Scheme Revision

Colleges may want to increase the grading standard or even decreases it.

Document Checklist Revision

A single program may require different supporting documents throughout the years since its introduction.

Course Assessment Revision

A single course may have different versions of assessments.



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